Eelus – ‘alice’

Eelus was commissioned by  Dark Hall Mansions, to produce their first in a series of Fairy Tale inspired works. Keep an eye on them for more collaborations with other artists in the near future.

The artist says: “Recreating a classic scene from a story so rich in imagination with so many instantly recognisable moments to choose from has been a lot of fun. The story of a little girl called Alice who followed a white rabbit into a fantasy world of madness has been inspiring artists for decades and I’m happy to add myself to that list with this piece.”

And of course we were quite happy to print this piece, even though it was quite a meaty edition of 200 5 colour prints and a very special limited edition of 15 in a different colour way.


Spec.- 200 of 5 colour hand pulled screenprints on Somerset satin 4 deckled edge 3oogsm stock, and the 15 specials to the same spec. The specials have long since sold out, however you might still be in luck for the regular edition, however – don’t hang around!… at a very reasonable £100 these won’t be around for ever. Try here for stock availability and follow Dark Hall Mansion on Twitter here to keep an eye out for future releases and news.

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