Olly Moss – ‘double ghost’

Olly asked us to do a ‘little’ job for him. Of course we agreed! He was planning on doing a timed release (ie: making the prints available for one hour only), therefore the numbers of sales dictates the edition size, this way – everybody who wants one gets one, nobody misses out. He estimated something in the region of 100 – 150 prints. He’d drastically underestimated how popular these would prove to be, within an hour he’s sold 825 prints.So we set to work, each print was 5 colours, printed on GFSmith Colorplan paper, needless to say it was a busy week – ‘blisters on blisters’!

This is what 825 prints looks like. As well as printing, we had an Olly embossing stamp made up.

There were also 2 special colour variants (pink, orange), 10 of each printed, these were to be stuffed in random tubes – a bonus for any lucky punter that got one

As well as print, stamp and process the orders, we also arranged shipping and packing.

Categories: olly moss, on-the-rack

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