John Doe – ‘miss universe’


the latest offering from john doe is the long overdue ‘miss universe’

this is taken from an original painting (stencil/brushwork/spatter technique) first produced over 3 years ago, it has taken this long to materialise into an edition of prints


released as an edition of 150 hand pulled screenprints, on black Plike stock (360 x 1024mm). If you are not familiar with Plike it is the don of all papers! A really premium stock that has a luxurious smooth skin-like tactile quality. The 2 colour print uses metallic silver ink and a gloss white so the image really jumps off the paper.

each print has been individually hand finished using fine spatters of silver paint and gloss varnish. The varnish sits invisibly on the paper until it catches the light – then it twinkles like stars. Still photographs can’t really capture this effect so check the movie below. *first one to name the track in the background wins a print

As well as the main edition, there will be 25 hand finished specials with spray painted planets.

the prints are being signed and stamped over the next few days and will be released at 4pm BST on Friday 2nd September 2011. You can pick one up from here: up-the-arts Big Cartel store at a price of £65 silver edition, £95 special coloured edition – pretty reasonable (considering it’s on Plike, metallic and gloss ink, each hand finished, and we’ll throw in a free postal tube)

also don’t miss out on future releases from john doe and the up-the-arts print studio by joining the mailing list we’ll inform you in advance about release dates and up-to-date print news

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  1. student42

    I first though the song was from Massive Attack, Flying Lotus, Sam Baker, Mount Kimbie, or Four Tet. Could not find a match. Too bad for me. Good luck to the rest of you.

  2. claytn

    here is what i got its probly wrong but i couldnt listen to the songs so i got four tet pick up. or look at your murmaid. or up against a wall thanks like i said probly wrong but i tried.

  3. student42

    Congratulations Jay, enjoy the print. Although, I don’t think you missed the drop. There are more than a few left. At least for now anyway. Guess I never had a chance since I have never heard of Synkro but I have now!

  4. Jay

    Nice! Really looking forward to seeing this thing in person. Just let me know how you’d like me to pass my shipping info along.

    Oh, and can you make the next contest a little easier please?? Damn, that was a tough song to track down!

    • Ok Jay, just contact us direct at and we’ll get your details! You did good, how did you go about tracking the id- we’re all itching to know? It was just a random tune that we had on Spotify that day, got to admit- I didn’t even know what it was, had to trawl through a pile of playlists to find it again.

      It was obviously too easy! I promise that the next one be a little more taxing for you!


  5. Jay

    It was absolutely NOT too easy. I spent entirely too much time trying to decipher the lyrics and search those out. That proved to be a waste. I kept getting stuck on a few things, like initially thinking the singer was Martina Topley-Bird. So I’d work through all the songs she played on. I also spent a good bit of time on Burial’s catalog, and realized I was getting closer. Then just sort of worked my way through similar artists. Even if I didn’t win the print, I was committed to figuring this out.

    I heard some cool music in the process, so thanks!

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