Kerry Roper – ‘time waits’

We first printed for Kerry at the end of 2009, creating the striking edition of prints titled ‘Time Waits for No Man’, edition of 69, 3 colour screenprints on A2 300gsm acid-free, cotton rag.

Each print was hand finished by Kerry who popped into the studio armed with a selection of mark-making tools, and proceeded to loosely yet precisely etch a scribble onto each print… (sometimes one colour, sometimes many, on some prints a well behaved squiggle, on others we had to physically drag him away for fear he might damage the print table underneath), so each one really is unique!

In February of 2010, just before Valentine’s Day- we printed and launched the second of Kerry’s screenprints- ‘Con Amor’. An edition of 69, 3 colour prints on 310 gsm Somerset paper- 4 deckled edge.

Since the launch of both of these prints, they’ve proved very popular, flying off the shelves and turning up at numerous exhibitions and galleries. More recently both prints were acquired by the V&A, no less (yeah the same people what got like old statues and that), and have featured in the V&A touring Street Art exhibition which kicked off at the Herbert Gallery in october 2010, and runs until January 16th 2011- more details

The exhibition showcases the work of some of the biggest artists in the street art community such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Sickboy, Pure Evil and D*Face.

The V&A speaks of the works: “…we collected these works in an effort to capture an ephemeral contemporary aesthetic and a form of printmaking that have influenced mainstream graphics. Most notably recent advertising has been using the language of street stencils, plundering underground visuals in an effort to appeal to the young consumer.” read more here

Another proud moment for Kerry Roper and up-the-arts, how can you top that?…

…bosh! They only gone and used ‘Time Waits’ for the cover sleeve of the book that accompanies the exhibition! The book Street Art: Contemporary Prints by Riikka Kuittinen, goes on general release 7th February in both paperback and ltd leatherbound edition that comes with a signed numbered print by D*Face pre-orders from Amazon here or if you can’t wait until then you can pick one up exclusively from the V&A shop here

If you can’t wait for the touring exhibition to come to a venue near you, why not buy one of the prints from here and stick um up in your hallway, charge the public to come and have a look, make sure they wipe their feet, you don’t want dog-eggs being trodden into the shag-pile, also see more of Kerry Roper’s work by going here, or follow him on Twitter

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